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Monday, December 31, 2007

ONW Blog for the Podcast

Welcome to the ONW Podcast Blog. This is the place to find out new episodes if you haven't
subscribed to the podcast feed through iTunes. Here you can find when future episodes will air,
archived episodes, and additional information on the episodes. We hope that you will enjoy the
podcast and the blog.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bad News for the ONW Podcast.

The camcorder that we are going to recieve from Dell has been delayed a third time.
The camcorder is unavailable everywhere else because it appears that it is in
too much demand.

Because of that, our first episode which would have been all about Google
has been changed to be entirely about the Search Engine Wars instead of it being a small bit at the end.
The test would consist of 25 keywords over nine search engines instead of the 13 in the preview.
If the search results were relevent to the topic in mind, they were counted as relevent. Which
search engine that had the most relevent results on average would be the winner.
Only the first 20 results were looked at.

However, while searching the my third search engine ( , I compared the results to Google and
Yahoo. I realized that the popular search engines were basically the same. The only thing that prevented
the averages from being the same for every search engine was keywords like "Titanic" which brought results
from both the ship and the movie. Only the results for the ship were counted. "Firewall" brought results from
both the software and the movie. A lot of companies have the word "pi" in their names although they have
nothing to do with math. So basically, what I'm telling you is that the search engine wars will continue forever
simply because every search engine brings back the exact same webpages in their top 20 results. This means
that out of the whole web, only a few core websites are useful at all.

Whoa! We have really traveled off topic right here. Well, this means that our special podcasts of summer classes
will be the first ones. Well, only the classes that have to do with recording video. Sorry about this delay but it
is Canon's fault.

What I don't like is that I have been thinking about this idea since May. First it was going to be
a website with short stories. Then it was going to be a vlog about product reviews. Then a vlog
about what the current ONW podcast is about. Interesting stuff in the news and web. Then I realized
it had to be a video podcast because I could then submit it to the iTunes directory. Next came the idea for this
webpage. Shortly after that came the Google Video archive. That is the current status of the ONW podcast.
However, don't be suprised to see some new things around here.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Alex Chiles

Alex Chiles is a kid that is really into computers. His website is at
Check it out. You might find something that you like!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

ONW Podcast Trailer Removed

I am dealing with a bug in the Videora iPod converter that is causing my finished videos when I transcode
them from .wmv from Windows Movie Maker to the m4v format for the iPod. I still could have uploaded
the file in .wmv but I decided I should figure out the problem first. When I uploaded the ONW Podcast trailer,
I had it in the m4v format. If you know the problem and know of an answer, please tell it to me in the comments.